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Booking March 30, 2019 Training In Dallas Texas

Advanced Medical Needle-Free Aesthetics Training Courses

Specialized Aesthetics injection training courses for advanced techniques in Needle-Free Injections.

This advanced hands-on course is offered exclusively to physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals.

This aesthetic workshop is taught by the inventor of the Jump–Roberts Techniques, which offers cutting-edge procedures and a variety of other advanced needle-free injection procedures.

These are comprehensive aesthetic courses, with discussions in a variety of other aesthetic procedures.

The focus of these workshops is to learn advanced techniques in Needle-Free Injections for a variety of applications:

  • Weight Loss Needle-Free Meso-Therapy
  • Stretch Marks Removal / Cellulite Removal
  • C-Section Scaring / Keloid Scar Removal
  • Burns / Scar Tissue Removal
  • All types of Veins Varicose Veins Removal
  • Peptides / Vitamins / HRT / Insulin / Stem Cell Injection



Needle Injection     vs.    Needle Free Injections




Needle Injection         vs.    Needle Free Injections

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Booking March 30, 2019 Training In Dallas Texas