Needle Free Aesthetics Training: Onsite


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Advanced Medical Needle-Free Aesthetics Training Course Taught By Lori Jump Roberts – RN, NBN, CME, Master Injector

1 Day hands on aesthetics injection training course in advanced JRT Techniques in Needle and Needle-Free Injections.

The focus of these workshops is to learn advanced techniques in Basic Needle-Free Injections for a variety of applications:

Needle-Free Meso-Therapy

Cellulite Removal

Stretch Marks Removal

All types of Veins including Varicose Veins Removal

Burns / Scar Tissue Removal

C-Section Scaring

Keloidal Scar Removal

Peptides / Vitamins / HRT / Stem Cell Injection

****All Travel Expenses to be billed net 30 days****