The Company

Lenis USA exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Lenis Medical Ltd.(Canada) with sales representatives and brokers distributing medical equipment devices and soft medical supplies to physicians, veterinarians, consumers, hospitals and prisons. Lenis USA was recently formed for the branding of our new product – the Lenis Needle-Free Safety Syringe. 

The LENIS® Needle-Free Injection System, a new generation of needle-free injector which utilizes high velocity mechanical power to inject medications painlessly into the skin. Universally applicable medications such as: local anesthetics, Steroids, HA, HGH, HCG, PRP, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K, Insulin, Vaccines, Cosmetic Fillers as well as Fertility, Multiple Sclerosis and Orthopedic Drugs.

The U.S. market forecast for Needle-free injectors is expected to reach $13 billion by the year 2018. Major factors driving growth in the market include:

  • the increasing use of biological drugs
  • the increasing use of cosmetic fillers (aesthetics and wrinkle avoidance)
  • the rising incidents of accidental needle stick with associated safety hazards
  • the expanding focus to be environmentally friendly
  • and, the growing home health market with medication administration by individuals in the public.

Other factors such as legislation demand for superior healthcare worker safety and ease of administration will help continue the growth of this market.

It is a disruptive time with adoption of safer injectors for healthcare delivery, as physician practices, surgeons, hospitals and clinics around the world are transitioning from hypodermic needles, to the widespread use of needle-free. Lenis Needle-Free Safety Syringes is the leading solution.

Lenis USA safety syringe is currently being used in the urology surgical services, and entering the profitable supplement, cosmetic fillers market. The additional markets of fertility, anesthetics and sports medicine are perfect for our comfortable, needle-free injectors.

There are an estimated 28 million diabetics in the United States, with a growing incidence of Type II Diabetes. Statistics show that Type II Diabetes is the leading cause of amputations of feet and legs not related to accidents or injury. Many of these amputations and other diabetic complications such as heart disease and blindness could be prevented with better adherence to treatment protocols. Lenis USA Needle-free Safety Syringes reduces the reluctance to adhere to the necessary daily diabetic regime of insulin injections addressing the needs of needle adverse patients which can potentially avoid the harsh impact of non-compliance.